Mar. 17th, 2011

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So... apparently [ profile] atomicskull deleted her journal.

She isn't someone I knew personally, but (I think?) she was kind of a BNF; she definitely had a lot of good fic for the Star Trek reboot, but what I really liked were two of her Inception fics: The Delphini Trials, which was a Philippa-centric piece about a future wherein dreamsharing was blown wide open and most of the crew got hauled in for trial. It was really beautifully, hauntingly written, between the sentences handed out and the way it forced the reader to confront the moral issues with what the characters do while still keeping us fond of them (because, you know, Philippa loved them). The other one was way happier, a Yusuf-centric backstory fic called Beni Asla Bırakma (the Turkish translation of "never let me go," as far as I am informed.) It was a really nice thing, about his family and how he got into dreamsharing and about his wife (who was not fridged!)

Anyway, I had both fics bookmarked for a while; then (I guess?) atomicskull locked down a lot of her fic, including these two; I was really sad about it, but occasionally randomly checked to see if they'd miraculously come back. A few days ago, THEY DID, and I immediately reread both fics happily and was reminded of how much I loved them. Today, I went back to reread Trials again, and, well, see the first line.

When they got unlocked, I actually thought I ought to save them, but I decided not to, for reasons I cannot now adequately recall. I am sure that they were not very good, seeing as how I have now been deprived of two of my absolute top ten Inception things.

So the purpose of this post - other than whining - was to find out if anyone else perhaps had more foresight, and could perhaps send me a copy. I'm not sure what the etiquette on this is, but I'm not going to repost it and it isn't going to end up anyplace where it could be traced to her.


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