Jan. 3rd, 2011

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This is not an Inception fic, but it is an outtake from a fuller one. It detracts from the narrative rather remarkably, and this fic needs to be focused, but I'm sort of inexplicably fond of the dynamic. Therefore, rather than acting like a grownup and saving it for something productive, I am posting it here in hopes of entertaining my flist.

Eames,” she hisses, jabbing an elbow in his ribs. “How did I get in from the helicopter last night?”

“You fell asleep.” She bridles at the amused superciliousness of his tone, but forces herself to remember that it’s Eames. Nothing personal. “I carried you up to your room – which reminds me, I’m buying you lunch today. Evidently the ‘freshmen fifteen’ is a myth.”

“I’m not a freshman, and I actually did gain them,” she corrects, propping her chin on her hands to better study the scene before her: preparation for some introductory practice with their new associates.

“Then I shudder to imagine how fragile you must have been in high school. So, were you afraid this was a dream, or wishing it?”

“I’m not sure. It certainly looks interesting.”

“When you get to my age, lovey, you’ll realize that interesting is almost always a bad thing.” She’s fairly sure a snort escapes after that one.


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