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Everyone loves a good zombie apocalypse AU, right? Or story, if we’re talking origfic. After all, it’s a cool idea, inherently dramatic - our intrepid heroes trapped and desperate as they fight off hordes and hordes of monstrous, mindless, slavering, hungering, rotting mobile corpses -

Wait. Rewind that a bit. No, no, past there:


Okay, hold that thought. Now: how do you kill a zombie?

Answers vary - fire, various religious methods, cut off its head, et cetera. Most agree that the last works, though, or at the very least that caving in the brain will do it. No more brain equals no more zombie, just a lump of now-harmless flesh. (Yeah, don’t eat it, don’t go near it, but it won’t jump up and eat you anymore.)

Okay, now back up to that thought you’re holding. Zombies are rotting. All of them - including that very vital brain. Shambling around will most likely not slow down this process, and many forms of zombie apocalypse don’t re-animate the normally dead, which means that they won’t be embalmed. Sure, some variants of the virus that cause zombies to exist will also slow down decomposition, but they can only do so by so much. After all, they aren’t very good zombies if they aren’t rotting.

Say the embalmed come back to semi-life. Say the virus slows decomposition. Say the infection takes a while to spread around the globe. I’d still say that within ten years at the absolute outset - with a little luck, maybe within less than one -  every last zombie will have rotted to a pile of bones.

Survivors, the world is yours. And given that your apocalypse was zombies rather than bombs or war, then there’s probably a fair bit left - buildings, roads, cars, et cetera. Is society as we knew it going to be immediately restored? If we got the the apocalypse stage, then eh, probably not. Is the human race as a whole fucked? It depends on the numbers of survivors - I don’t know enough about genetics to say how many you’d need - but I’d put my money on a bounce-back, there. Even if not, said survivors might just have a decent while left to live and find each other, might even be happy. And the rest of our planet’s flora and fauna, well, according to the rules of most zombie viruses then they’re fine. (They kind of have to be - imagine if you had to worry about zombie bugs. Or even mice. You ever try to keep mice out of a
place when they really want to be in there?) Who knows, the bears or the dolphins might develop sentience.

I still don’t want to look out my window and see zombies, but I don’t think it would be the sign that it’s time for the species to throw in the towel.
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So, um.

You know [ profile] book_las?

The results for the last round went up today.


Yeah, I don't really have another response. I mean, what. Am I awake right now?

(Story in question will be up soon!)
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Eames. Alice. I'm probably going to end up writing a spinoff to the genderbend specifically for you two, stop shouldering in on the main plotline. It's Donna's and Miss Saito's show, honestly.

Daedalus, stop being a bloody impossible ass and start narrating. You're not that different from Ariadne, why are you so impossible?

Oh, okay, I need to hand you a way to be tactless while trying to be helpful, and re-phrase the conversation so you're still making the wrong assumptions about why Donna's scared of Mal. So you're trying to be gentler about this now. Evidently you have a semi-chivalrous streak as a guy, I don't even know. (I think you had a bit of one originally, though; certainly you looked out for the group's well-being.)

Dammit, Donna and Daedalus, make sense. (And Ariadne, really, take a break. I wrote 8000 words about you and I've got another one planned, plus you'll be in charge of mapping Nina's subconscious for the readers when I get back to that. Let Daedalus take over for a while, I promise I will give you plenty of time in my head. Right now I need your boy self for my meta, okay?)

Also, self, it's entirely possible to overdo the personal-appearance-related symbolism.
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- I have, once again, run headlong into the question of how one refers to non-white people without causing offense when things are set in a fantasy world. I mean, say you have an African-American character. Wait... this world contains neither an Africa nor an America. Huh. In that particular case, I guess "black" could be the solution, but I'm never sure whether that's okay or not. But, say, you have an Asian character. Wait, there is no Asia. Hispanic character? ...What Spain? I mean, there are areas in the world that are similar to these areas in culture and geography and whatnot, because I am too lazy to make up a whole boatload of fresh cultures because other cultures are awesome and deserve to be glorified in fiction. (Down with the standard pseudomedieval Europe setting, I say!) But these places aren't actually called any of the above. So how do I refer to these characters without falling headlong into racefail? I mean, I hear about the lack of minority characters in speculative fiction, and I think it's bad, and it shouldn't stay that way. Not fair. And I want to be a part of the solution, but I can never figure anything out. So far, my method has been to mention, say, chocolaty skin while describing my non-white characters, but it always feels inadequate. And a really cliched description. (And let's not even get into the persistent little voice at the back of my head going "You're a WASP. You live in a tiny town where almost everyone is either a WASP or a white middle-class Catholic or an archetypal redneck. What makes you think you can write these characters without doing everything Wrong?")

- In much less serious stuff, I was (in the depths of my disease) slumped on the couch flipping through Netflix's Watch Instantly thing. In the recommendations I see Firefly, which I've been wanting to see just to find out what the fuss is about. One very long pilot later, pretty much the entire household has trickled into the living room and is enraptured. I believe the household has a new favorite show. Excuse me while I go feel smug beyond belief or reason.

- On the Warfront is now at 1,208 words. 4,000 looks like it might be a possibility (if I could just stop feeling brain-dead and stuffy, IMMUNE SYSTEM). I absolutely love putting two characters together and just letting them talk. It almost always creates several hundred words of dialogue that I had absolutely no intention of writing when I sat down. It just sort of... shows up, under my fingers.

-I have got to track down that "Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia" icon that somebody had. And come up with some clever text to go with the Liberty/Justice femmeslash painting so I can make it into an icon too. Does anyone else think it looks an awful lot like the sailor/nurse end-of-WWII shot?

- MOCKINGJAY. It has finally come into my possession; priorities will be skewed highly for the next few days.

- I should just sneak around the house with a camera while people are reading, and send all the resulting stealth shots to people who claim that boys don't read books about girls. Between one of them hooked on Beka Cooper and the wars over Katniss, this house is plain old proof of how stupid it is.


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