Feb. 19th, 2011

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Eames. Alice. I'm probably going to end up writing a spinoff to the genderbend specifically for you two, stop shouldering in on the main plotline. It's Donna's and Miss Saito's show, honestly.

Daedalus, stop being a bloody impossible ass and start narrating. You're not that different from Ariadne, why are you so impossible?

Oh, okay, I need to hand you a way to be tactless while trying to be helpful, and re-phrase the conversation so you're still making the wrong assumptions about why Donna's scared of Mal. So you're trying to be gentler about this now. Evidently you have a semi-chivalrous streak as a guy, I don't even know. (I think you had a bit of one originally, though; certainly you looked out for the group's well-being.)

Dammit, Donna and Daedalus, make sense. (And Ariadne, really, take a break. I wrote 8000 words about you and I've got another one planned, plus you'll be in charge of mapping Nina's subconscious for the readers when I get back to that. Let Daedalus take over for a while, I promise I will give you plenty of time in my head. Right now I need your boy self for my meta, okay?)

Also, self, it's entirely possible to overdo the personal-appearance-related symbolism.


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