Feb. 23rd, 2011

WIP meme!

Feb. 23rd, 2011 11:55 am
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Because everyone else, apparently, is doing that meme wherein you post the titles of all your works in progress (the files, not the fics). Most of these are not actually in progress at all anymore, but I will post them anyway because it saves me from admitting that I may never finish many of these.

ATLA Fics (this is not technically a WIP so much as a brainstorming list, but whatever)
Death Note - Chocolate-Covered Oranges Outline
Death Note - Midnight Breathing
Death Note - Mouth-to-Mouth of the Sanity (Mello/Matt, I must rediscover you one of these days)
FFXIII - The Bedtime Story Version
Glee - Cabaretverse - Base Post (I harassed a bunch of people over at [livejournal.com profile] little_details regarding stuff for this and then did nothing with it; I feel a bit bad about that)
Glee - Duck (fluff meme fill that stalled)
Glee - Five Times Fics
Glee - Silence
Inception - [Reversebang - awakening] (our first thing that is not sitting there collecting dust)
Inception - [Scrap]
Inception - Clarify (Scrutinize) (I am fairly sure this was meant as a companion to "Blur (Minutiae)", but it currently contains around a hundred and fifty words of Eames forging his own perception of Puck - the Shakespeare one - so.)
Inception - A Named Problem (actually in progress, yay!)
Inception - Five Stories Ariadne Borrows (And One She Tells) (just waiting for [livejournal.com profile] faorism to get back to me regarding beta-ing. Also, it is in no way a 5-times fic anymore, and is also the longest fic I have ever written to date.)
Inception - Just What Comes Naturally aka AUGH WHY SELF
Inception - maybe it means nothing [reversebang]
KH - Balance
KH - Riku's Happy Ending (ancient thing I wrote before I had any accounts anywhere but YouTube; will never be posted because it frankly sucks)
Kingdom Hearts - Because Someone Has To Do It (a drabble that got unacceptably big; it's actually finished, I'm just weirdly nervous about posting it)
Kingdom Hearts - Kairi's Story
Kingdom Hearts Mega Fanfic Outline (once I thought I could write longfic. LOL past self, no.)
Narnia - A Once and Always Queen (I really wanna finish this one someday)
X-Over - Death's Take on Light's Life - Death Note & The Book Thief
X-Over - Inception & Black Swan - neurons of murderous dancers ([livejournal.com profile] crossovers_las story that I fully intend to expand)
X-Over - Inception & Black Swan - Untitled
X-Overs - Inception & Merlin - Corporate Kings and Big-Money Dreams

Feel free to ask about anything.


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