May. 22nd, 2011

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Lest you think I actually despise my mother:

[paraphrased, because I sadly lack an eidetic memory]

Her: [In regards to Inception] I thought they were going to leave Saito down there for a sequel. But I guess it's not really a movie you can make a sequel to.
Me: Yeah, probably not.
Her: Unless it was that girl, Ariadne, starting her own...

Why yes, Internets, I did indeed just wish that the collective fandom consciousness had more in common with my mother. Also, I would watch the hell out of that movie.

(Serious note: I think Ariadne is actually far and away the best suited to lead a team. She plans well and thinks fast, it's automatic for her to try and keep track of everyone else's roles as well as her own, and she's both invested in preserving the safety of the group and quite good at that. Far better than Cobb, for sure.)
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Title: dancing for the desperate and the brokenhearted
Fandom: Brick (why does Yuletide only happen once per year? We need a Junetide.)
Characters/Pairings: Brendan Frye/Laura Dannon
Ratings/Warnings: PG-13, discussions of violence, spoilers
Written for: [ profile] viorica8957, prompt "so testostorone boys and harlequin girls/will you dance to this beat and hold a lover close?"
Wordcount: just under 1,000. This was supposed to be a drabble.
A/N: Ah, what the hey, reposting this now. I've thought about expanding it to include an actual dance scene, but it really doesn't feel necessary, hot as it might be to contemplate.

The thing about knowing that nobody rides into the sunrise is that it doesn't mean that you know you'll see each other again. Damn surprises. )
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Two things. One: in the Internet equivalent of deciding I need a haircut, I have mucked merrily about with... almost everything about my LJ, actually. Apologies to anyone who clicked by while it was in the WHAT THE HELL WHERE IS MY TEXT phase of the project. Two, I am actually unveiling a bit of fic that hasn't been posted here before! (It's from the most recent round of [ profile] crossovers_las.)

Title: Festering
Fandoms:  Inception, Never Let Me Go (bookverse)
Characters/Pairings: Arthur, Eames
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, swearing, minor violence, MAJOR SPOILERS for Never Let Me Go.
Written for: crossovers_las, prompt "[character] gets lost."
Wordcount: 1500. (The  LAS version was cut to high hell.)
A/N: Well, this was interesting enough in the writing, at least.

Arthur lives his life digging out secrets. Statistically speaking, he's going to learn a few things he regrets. )


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