May. 1st, 2011

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So, when I signed up for remix_redux, I had two worries. One, what if I write a horrible remix? (I did. Haven't heard from the author yet, but I am just... ugh.) Two, what if the person who remixes my story writes something awful and I have to pretend to like it?

Yeah, that turned out not to be a problem.

Anyone remember that ridiculously stupid bit of crack I wrote called Just Five of the Many Times Eames and Arthur Disagreed on Matters of Taste? Yeah, someone took that and wrote Cause You're a Criminal As Long As You're Mine [And So Am I], which is basically just a thousand words of adorable ridiculousness and this massive perfect sense of family and Arthur being a ridiculous impish troll. You know that moment in the second level when he kisses Ariadne? It's like that, only instead of perving on his co-workers he's screwing with their heads slightly via music. And I won't gush too much because I want all the little moments to stand out, but the flashbacks to his adolescents, oh I want to smish him. And the way this mystery author describes dancing has me drooling in envy.

Okay, I'm maybe a little biased, but really this is just freaking charming.

(And someone wrote me something for Remix Madness! Today, Internets, is a good day.)
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I imagine y'all have heard, but, so, Osama bin Laden is found dead.

So, um. That happened.


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