Apr. 3rd, 2011

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NaPoWriMo day #2, written mostly so I can say I did. Not much fussed about the distinctions of midnight at the moment, personally; I'm not in bed yet, therefore it counts.

starry-eyed with history
The wild sky stretches out like memory
vague and clear
a hundred thousand colors impossible to blend.
it is as far away as morning
as very close as breath
it is the distant gleaming stars
the brilliance of dead civilization.
This light I breathe hear now
the light of stars –
this image, here, I see millennia.
visions of the past in dots of bright
swirling underneath the drifting clouds
like wool or watercolor dripped and spilled
such a silly vaporous thing to interrupt the shine of time.
the brilliance catches minute by minute
the hunters and the celestial queens,
we see them before their naming
it is not till untold generations
will see them as they burn now.
the past, in all its regret, its mystery
so clear and yet so very far away.

Also, I saw Sucker Punch today. Strong feelings, mostly positive; I was going to post about them and then RL drama/issues explosion happened on the way home, so now my buzz is sort of killed. Eager to find fanfic, though, and I think Snyder had enough ideas in there for three movies.
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Greater Things Than Passion

The love I need is not devotion
dogging at my heels
and drowning me in guilt-inducing letters
pages upon pages pleading for me to return
I don’t need the pristine sheets turned down
empty until I stagger home to you
I do not seek a life dependent
upon my own; I do not want the weight
of your well-being weighing all my options down,
and the worst that you could ever give me,
all that I cannot ever carry
is your limp and bloodied corpse
between me and someone else’s knife.

That love, so great and terrible, is not for me,

ah, no! I look for welcome,
for open smiling arms
in a house with all the windows open
and no space ready-set for me
but the willingness to make one,
with a shelf of bandages
for anyone who comes along
and no reservations when
I need yet another roll of gauze,
a place, a lover for many people
somewhere that would be fine without me
but always happy to have me there.


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