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  1. I really have to stop pretending Tumblr isn't my fandom home. All the fic will remain over here, anything actually interesting will eventually end up over here, but that's really where I'm engaging the most, although LJ is still close to my heart as a site. However, if you are desperately interested in every random, pointless thought I need to share with the world, Tumblr is now the place to find it first. (This is, doubtless, hardly a loss to LJ - although as this post demonstrates, you are not safe.)
  2. I'm currently away from home! I have been for a little over a week, actually. It is miserably hot.
  3. I kneel humbly before ye and confess, for I have succumbed to the wiles of fictional teenagers and joined the ravening hordes... or, in other words, I've spent the past three weeks marathoning Homestuck, and am now caught up, or will be as soon as I finish today's update, which is open in the other window. I'm also a teeny tiny bit entirely obsessed.
  4. Shortly I will be seeing Deathly Hallows: Part Deux. Oddly enough, I haven't really been feeling that nostalgic for it; I guess I never really thought of the movies as part of the franchise in the same way I thought of the books. I may have been missing out.
  5. The actual purpose of this post - I'm currently writing a bit of origfic and beating my head endlessly against the wall in terms of plot, because I have two characters, I have vague hints of a world, I have a dynamic between said characters that I kind of love, but I'm not one hundred percent sure what they do for a living or how they fit into their world or what is actually going to happen in this story (that needs to be a) shortish and b) done by tomorrow.) So. ARGHHH. Also their dynamic is sort of stable, meaning that even if I get an action-plot there will still be nowhere emotional for the story to go. I have a couple of ideas for both, but the problem is that I can't start writing them because they feel like a total cop-out. It's frustrating.
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- Still trucking along at [ profile] book_las . I got my entry for today in at the last possible minute (muttering "jeez, nobody will ever guess who wrote this one" as I did so. Although I don't actually know who votes, and therefore don't know if anyone knows me from Eve, so who knows.) The competition's down to five; I suspect I'll be out fairly soon, but I'm going to keep doing my best.

- The next [ profile] crossovers_las fic is due pretty soon; I haven't started it yet. The prompt is "When Pigs Fly." The urge to cross something - anything - with Dark Lord of Derkholm is overwhelming, but I don't have any idea what I'd actually do with that. (Well, I could introduce Howl, Sophie, and Calcifer, but that would not fit in 1000 words.) I've been reading and enjoying Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan books, perhaps I can exploit those instead.

- [ profile] i_reversbang fic #1 just hit 10k. Whut. No, seriously, this is over three times its intended length, and I think there's another 2-3k in there AT LEAST.

- I think I know how to end the other reversebang fic now, and it won't get too long, but I don't like it. It isn't that it's necessarily a bad ending, or at least it's the best I can come up with - everything else is a total deus ex machina - but it isn't the kind of ending that's to my tastes. Don't have time to scrap what I have, though, so it will be what it will be.

(Hey, anyone up to beta either of those last-mentioned monstrosities when I wrestle them to something resembling completeness? The long one is cis-girl!Eames/cis-girl!Arthur; the short one is Mal-wakes-up-in-an-empty-dreaming-research-place. Arthur, Eames, and Ariadne all show up.)

- I got my remix_redux assignment; I don't know how much I can say, but I will definitely be writing something in Firefly. This is leading me to the unfortunate discovery that although I liked Firefly, I don't really feel any particular fannish urges towards it. My long-standing meh affair with Joss Whedon continues. Still gonna finish the remix, though.

- You know what I do want to dive into, fandom-speaking? Brick. It is like someone made a high school AU of the entire noir genre, made a film of it, and then cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt (of whom I am apparently a fan now, sorta) as the lead. Only it is not nearly as ridiculous as that makes it sound; it's actually more towards the heart-wrenching. And holy crap, the ladies, I want to write ALL THE THINGS about them. It will have to wait, though.
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A question for you (read: flagrant begging for advice):

If a situation shifts from safe to dangerous in a matter of seconds (one sentence), and the narrative immediately starts in on an exceedingly close level of detail focused entirely on the source of the danger, does that convey that the POV character's moment of shock and subsequent massive adrenaline rush (in a circumstance when they can't actually either run or fight back)? Or does it just completely kill any kind of pacing or tension?

(It's being told in close third-person singular, a.k.a the way I write everything apparently, if that matters.)


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