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- Still trucking along at [ profile] book_las . I got my entry for today in at the last possible minute (muttering "jeez, nobody will ever guess who wrote this one" as I did so. Although I don't actually know who votes, and therefore don't know if anyone knows me from Eve, so who knows.) The competition's down to five; I suspect I'll be out fairly soon, but I'm going to keep doing my best.

- The next [ profile] crossovers_las fic is due pretty soon; I haven't started it yet. The prompt is "When Pigs Fly." The urge to cross something - anything - with Dark Lord of Derkholm is overwhelming, but I don't have any idea what I'd actually do with that. (Well, I could introduce Howl, Sophie, and Calcifer, but that would not fit in 1000 words.) I've been reading and enjoying Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan books, perhaps I can exploit those instead.

- [ profile] i_reversbang fic #1 just hit 10k. Whut. No, seriously, this is over three times its intended length, and I think there's another 2-3k in there AT LEAST.

- I think I know how to end the other reversebang fic now, and it won't get too long, but I don't like it. It isn't that it's necessarily a bad ending, or at least it's the best I can come up with - everything else is a total deus ex machina - but it isn't the kind of ending that's to my tastes. Don't have time to scrap what I have, though, so it will be what it will be.

(Hey, anyone up to beta either of those last-mentioned monstrosities when I wrestle them to something resembling completeness? The long one is cis-girl!Eames/cis-girl!Arthur; the short one is Mal-wakes-up-in-an-empty-dreaming-research-place. Arthur, Eames, and Ariadne all show up.)

- I got my remix_redux assignment; I don't know how much I can say, but I will definitely be writing something in Firefly. This is leading me to the unfortunate discovery that although I liked Firefly, I don't really feel any particular fannish urges towards it. My long-standing meh affair with Joss Whedon continues. Still gonna finish the remix, though.

- You know what I do want to dive into, fandom-speaking? Brick. It is like someone made a high school AU of the entire noir genre, made a film of it, and then cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt (of whom I am apparently a fan now, sorta) as the lead. Only it is not nearly as ridiculous as that makes it sound; it's actually more towards the heart-wrenching. And holy crap, the ladies, I want to write ALL THE THINGS about them. It will have to wait, though.
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Eames. Alice. I'm probably going to end up writing a spinoff to the genderbend specifically for you two, stop shouldering in on the main plotline. It's Donna's and Miss Saito's show, honestly.

Daedalus, stop being a bloody impossible ass and start narrating. You're not that different from Ariadne, why are you so impossible?

Oh, okay, I need to hand you a way to be tactless while trying to be helpful, and re-phrase the conversation so you're still making the wrong assumptions about why Donna's scared of Mal. So you're trying to be gentler about this now. Evidently you have a semi-chivalrous streak as a guy, I don't even know. (I think you had a bit of one originally, though; certainly you looked out for the group's well-being.)

Dammit, Donna and Daedalus, make sense. (And Ariadne, really, take a break. I wrote 8000 words about you and I've got another one planned, plus you'll be in charge of mapping Nina's subconscious for the readers when I get back to that. Let Daedalus take over for a while, I promise I will give you plenty of time in my head. Right now I need your boy self for my meta, okay?)

Also, self, it's entirely possible to overdo the personal-appearance-related symbolism.
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Gah. The fics I wanted to write are not getting written. I have a lot of stuff planned, mostly for [ profile] hs_bingo, but... it is not happening.

(There is a massive amount of blank white space under the cut. I have no idea why and am afraid of screwing up the HTML for the card. Bother. Just scroll down if you're reading, please?)
Bingo card and lots of plans. Those plans do have spoilers for The Traitor Game, or rather repeated references to one particular spoiler. )

(On the bright side, I reached my quota of Official Work that had to be done. This is what burned me out and prevented fic.)


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