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Only if we fund schools enough so that they all can provide a thing to do during physical education that isn't "get balls whipped at your head by the jocks and make a fool of yourself."
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Well, now I know the ending's odd. Thanks ever so for the spoiler, LJ. I'll be over here dodging spoilers and waiting for Amazon to ship.
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Works that should be in progress:

And the Bloody Lipmarks On Her Thighs

Fic for [ profile] yuri_challenge.
Due date: October 1
PremiseAvatar: The Last Airbender, dystopian sci-fi AU. Bending included. MindControlled!Katara x Manipulative!Plotting!GetsOffOnControllingPeople!Azula. Themes: Sex, violence, power, and the interplay between the three.
Minimum Wordcount: 1,000
Current Wordcount: 1,805 (so, technically, this is done, but I still have two really key scenes to write to complete the plot arc, otherwise it will be blatantly unfinished.)

On the Warfront (Working title)
Original fiction for [ profile] help_pakistan .
Due date: October 1
Premise: Love story between a cyborg and a technician, both in the military, struggling to keep their squadron (it's the we-can't-actually-kick-you-out-but-we-want-to dumping ground of a squad) from being actively disbanded.
Minimum Wordcount: 4,000. Overambitious much, self?
Current Wordcount: About 526; I just got the "Okay, here's something I can run with" moment today. It could be worse; when I started writing this post, it was at 62.

That's besides the YouTube MEPs (multi-editor projects, a form of fanvid) also due on October 1.

I've been really busy lately, and I'm developing a killer cold.

It will look better in the morning. It will look better in the morning.


Aug. 10th, 2010 11:20 pm
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So, due to a buildup of moroseness of varying levels of justifiability, I set myself an assignment. Now, and whenever else I feel mopey, I am going to take a stupid premise and not leave the computer until I've posted at least 1,000 words running with it. I'm posting this now so that I can't back down. Today's premise:

The entirety of one school's GSA, i.e. one lesbian cheerleader, one probably-bi school newspaper geek, and one back-of-the-classroom easy-to-miss gay guy, set off cross-country in a miserable clunker with nothing to keep them from killing each other but chocolate, the summer reading, and an iPod full of songs from old movies and every cover ever done by Glee

I told you the premises were stupid.

Edit: I actually did it, too!
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The fact that the thing will quite probably curl up and die if I add any more software to it. Just last two more years, baby...

And aside from that, make programs stop freezing! (Although it actually does do remarkably well, given that it is not designed for the kind of (ab)use I subject it to. When I got it, I was only going to use it for word processing and minor internet use. And then iTunes. And then I discovered fandom, and AMV making, and now the computer meant for light student use is running Sony Vegas and has several gigs of video files and usually three to five programs running at once, and I've already had to fork over the cash to fix it twice, and I'm told that it's not worth fixing a third time.
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Pineapple pizza. (No ham or anything involved; I'm a vegetarian.) It's really, really, really good - I eat it whenever It's available, my friends think I'm nuts. I'm not sure what the point of these things is, but it seems kinda fun.


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