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Everyone loves a good zombie apocalypse AU, right? Or story, if we’re talking origfic. After all, it’s a cool idea, inherently dramatic - our intrepid heroes trapped and desperate as they fight off hordes and hordes of monstrous, mindless, slavering, hungering, rotting mobile corpses -

Wait. Rewind that a bit. No, no, past there:


Okay, hold that thought. Now: how do you kill a zombie?

Answers vary - fire, various religious methods, cut off its head, et cetera. Most agree that the last works, though, or at the very least that caving in the brain will do it. No more brain equals no more zombie, just a lump of now-harmless flesh. (Yeah, don’t eat it, don’t go near it, but it won’t jump up and eat you anymore.)

Okay, now back up to that thought you’re holding. Zombies are rotting. All of them - including that very vital brain. Shambling around will most likely not slow down this process, and many forms of zombie apocalypse don’t re-animate the normally dead, which means that they won’t be embalmed. Sure, some variants of the virus that cause zombies to exist will also slow down decomposition, but they can only do so by so much. After all, they aren’t very good zombies if they aren’t rotting.

Say the embalmed come back to semi-life. Say the virus slows decomposition. Say the infection takes a while to spread around the globe. I’d still say that within ten years at the absolute outset - with a little luck, maybe within less than one -  every last zombie will have rotted to a pile of bones.

Survivors, the world is yours. And given that your apocalypse was zombies rather than bombs or war, then there’s probably a fair bit left - buildings, roads, cars, et cetera. Is society as we knew it going to be immediately restored? If we got the the apocalypse stage, then eh, probably not. Is the human race as a whole fucked? It depends on the numbers of survivors - I don’t know enough about genetics to say how many you’d need - but I’d put my money on a bounce-back, there. Even if not, said survivors might just have a decent while left to live and find each other, might even be happy. And the rest of our planet’s flora and fauna, well, according to the rules of most zombie viruses then they’re fine. (They kind of have to be - imagine if you had to worry about zombie bugs. Or even mice. You ever try to keep mice out of a
place when they really want to be in there?) Who knows, the bears or the dolphins might develop sentience.

I still don’t want to look out my window and see zombies, but I don’t think it would be the sign that it’s time for the species to throw in the towel.
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Title: War Without End
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Characters/Pairings: Raven, Charles, [Erik, Angel, Emma, Brotherhood]
Rating/Warnings: PG, allusions to assault, discussions of extreme poverty
Written for: N/A
Wordcount: ~600
A/N: This is, essentially, a story about privilege. As some of it is about the kinds I have (not quite to the degree portrayed, but sort of), please let me know if there's anything offensive here. I promise not to start a shitstorm.

It took her years to stop stealing rolls. )
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I just realized something about my shipping preferences: I will ship anything, but I can't seem to have a true hardcore I-wish-to-write-epics-and-manifestos-about-it OTP unless the relationship between the characters is the emotional core of the story. See also: Revy/Rock, Michael/Francis, etc.

How dreadfully unimaginative of me.

(The source of all the my-shipping-tendencies-related grumbling that has been spread across various sites lately: I'm trying to decide whether to sign up for [ profile] thelittlebang. The thing is, six months ago I would have scrolled on by under the assumption that I don't have a 15,000-word fanfic in me, but - apparently I do. Only, that was an accident, and I'm not sure I could actually do it on purpose. Especially because I have no idea what I'd write.
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This shows up all over the place, it has been the basis for attacking so many fictional ladies I love and plenty of whom I am not fond but am increasingly tempted to like out of spite, it has shown up in almost every fandom I've been in and plenty that I've unsuccessfully tried to avoid - I am out of subject line space, you guys, and I didn't even get through half the girls I could list off the top of my head - and this showed up on my Tumblr dash and unleashed a storm of rage that I cannot even handle.

If I see one more person criticizing a sexist (or possibly-sexist-depending-on-how-you-read-it) story by bashing the female characters rather than talking about the writers or the narrative, I am actually going to set something on fire with my mind.

This has been a post. Normal programming will resume shortly. I'm going to go breathe slowly for a while now.
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Tumblr is not a site that is designed for meta - it's a graphics place - but it's pretty perfectly designed to get me to write some, because I say something in the tags about how "this could be a rant about [x] but I will refrain" or whatever, and certain other lovely people reblog and say "DO IT" and then I make delighted squeaking noises at the screen and obey with glee.

This time, I'm getting pissy about John Green.

I am blanking on cut text. )

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So. I actually wrote this several weeks ago and didn't post it at the time; today I mentioned it to [ profile] 1st_eggokage  on Tumblr, and she urged me to post it (and then was extraordinarily nice about it.) I swore I wouldn't start moving any significant writing to Tumblr, so I am crossposting it promptly here.



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