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By which I mean: Tonight I saw X-Men: First Class.

To the surprise of nobody, I have thoughts!

Spoilers... )
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So... I just watched Mysterious Skin.



I think this is the most emotionally disturbed by a movie that I have ever been in my life. I was actually almost crying as the credits rolled. That's never happened before.

I feel like I ought to have some kind of analytical thought, but I don't really, not beyond "...these kids." Wow. Holden Caulfield just got knocked down to third place for Characters I Most Want to Hug - well, a hug would probably be the exact opposite of helpful in this case, but characters I most want to invite in for hot cocoa and a safe place for a while.

Apologies to the flist; you guys probably have no idea what I'm on about. I promise to try to keep this kind of babbling to a minimum.

ETA: For anyone randomly coming through for whatever reason, the comments are loaded with spoilers and with potential triggers for rape & child abuse, given the subject of the film. So be aware.
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Soo... Inception.

This film is similar to Death Note, in that I got into it because I heard there was a massive slash fandom and some of that was magnificent, and then I watched it and got so caught up in the plots and the layers and the keeping-track that I completely forgot the slash goggles. (Although "Darling" required no such goggles. Still. I have no ship.)

Also, ARIADNE. Hello, cool-headed, super-analytical, inquisitive woman who takes the initiative and thinks big and has a spine of absolute iron and can come up with a contingency plan that fast. Awesome.

And as to the end, skip It was definitely a cool bit of film-making, but I prefer to believe that the top fell; that the airplane level was real and that all of them emerged into it.

Anyway, I loved it, and Ariadne is awesome. (I may also be writing creepy screwed up Ariadne/Cobb's-memory-of-Mal stuff. Mesmerized; haunted by someone else's ghosts; her rage is spilling over before she can process what's real and what isn't, rage at caging someone so strong and lovely and wild; she can blame him for caging her and hiding her, but not for refusing to let her go. Stuff like that.)

Also, freaking gorgeous sets, and all of them beautifully distinct too.
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Well, the title certainly sums up the first part, anyway.
- Total absence of plot, much?
- Why am I not surprised that Brittany has so many cavities?
- Mm, sexy Brittana-ness.
- I loved everyone else's thrilled expressions when Kurt blew up at Mr. Schue.
- Speaking of which, I've been trying to stay out of the Let's Strangle Will Schuester Club, but those cards by the door are looking more and more tempting... seriously, crazy stalker much?
- I also loved Rachel's schoolgirl outfit.
- The "Toxic" thing was, yes, wildly inappropriate. But it was one fabulous show.
- Rachel did Paramore! And it was... not actually one of my favorites by Rachel, but it was still a cute moment.
- Speaking of Paramore, they really should do "Born For This." It'd make such a wonderful group number.
- Speaking of Rachel, is this just going to be a pattern? End with one of her songs? But the others got some focus, at least. And hey, I love Rachel.
- Speaking more of Rachel, this episode really hammered home that she just does not know how to be in a relationship. And, you know, how would she? Most people have that period in middle school, when relationships last about a week and nobody really expects more than that, and it's kind of a testing ground when everyone figures out how all this works. Rachel didn't have that; she's just thrown into the middle of it at a point when relationships are expected to be a little bit more stable, and she doesn't know how to handle it. I might be projecting a little bit here, but it seems kind of like there's this little piece of her that wants it to end, because then things will be back into territory she understands. I like that they're going that angle. It's realistic. 
- This is actually my brother's commentary, but he predicted that Mike and Tina would stay together and Artie would end up with Mercedes. I... could actually get behind that.

And coming next week...
- Puck/Quinn. Billy Joel. "Only the Good Die Young." WHY DID I NOT REALIZE HOW BADLY THIS NEEDED TO HAPPEN?!
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My thoughts. There are spoilers, guys. Order random.
Read more... )Overall opinion: still love.


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