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Title: The Price That Keeps On Paying
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII & Final Fantasy XIII
Characters/Pairing: Lightning/Tifa
Rating/Warnings: PG-13; sex, violence, war
Prompt: Damage at [ profile] ff_yuri_drabble 
Words:  300
Spoilers?: None
Author's Note: Yet another AU.

Theirs is a courtship conducted in violence. Before they know each others’ first names, they know each others’ reflexes, each others’ strength and speed. They don’t even need to think to anticipate the flash of a bullet or the angle of a kick.

They’re assigned to drag an old satellite back to the base for salvage, and on the dilapidated bridge they share their reasons for fighting.

Government destroyed half my world. My family died. Radiation poisoning.

Took my sister for experiments. She died a monster.

They stare at the stars as they explain, wrapping details around the steely facts until they don’t sound used to it anymore.

The first time they hold hands, it’s on a rusty metal catwalk over a rotten, reeking swamp, and Tifa nearly crushes Lightning’s bones as the taller soldier fishes a bullet out of her comrade’s shoulder.

The first time they have sex, it’s in a hastily pitched tent on an ice cap. Neither of them sees anything they haven’t seen before, between sharing communal showers and emergency first aid and frantic disguise-changes in the first nook they can find.

What’s new is the hint of gentleness in Lightning’s lips, the faint glimmer of happiness in Tifa’s eyes.

And then the night is over, and they scramble into their clothes and hope that their comrades didn’t hear them, and there’s no time to think about anything but the trek and the bombs they have to plant.

When the war is over, they’ll work out what this means. Until then, they’ll hold on to each other however they can.

In a smoldering wreck of a ship orbiting a desert moon, they look at each other and realize that their side cannot win this war.

They cling to each other, because they’re going to try anyway.
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Title: Echo of a Memory
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children
Characters/Pairing: Tifa/Aerith
Rating/Warnings: G, angst
Written For: Flowers prompt at [ profile] ff_yuri_drabble.
Words: 200
Spoilers?: Only the famous one.
Author's Note: Time to write? I thought that was a myth.

The flowers brushed against her skin, just lightly enough for her to be aware of their touch. Curled on her side in the floor of the church, the world was a haze of pastel greens and ivories, except for the dark heap of her gloves. With one newly bared hand, she traced the pale curve of the nearest blossom, tilting it closer to her face.

“Love you, Aerith,” she whispered into the flower. She didn’t know if the other woman could hear, but she had to imagine it was worth a try.

Sighing, Tifa closed her eyes against the early afternoon light. She had her watch set; she’d be back at the bar in time to open for the evening. In the meantime, she could rest. Just for a little while.

The church air was incredible – flowers, soft good earth, and just a hint of the soot outside. All it needed was a slight hint of fresh sweat, and maybe the electric scent left after the sizzle of a spell.

What was left of Aerith drifted over and around the sleeping woman, pouring Lifestream over the shadows under her eyes and twining with the flower stems in between her fingers.
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Title: Empty Space
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII - AC
Pairing: Tifa/Aerith (very dysfunctional Cloud/Tifa, too, and implied Cloud/Aerith)
Prompt: Pain
Rating: PG
Words: 200
Spoilers?: Did you know Romeo and Juliet die too?
Author's Note: I don't know how I wrote this, but I kind of like it. Written for [ profile] ff_yuri_drabble  and x-posted to [ profile] aerith_and_tifa

I'm told it isn't bad. )
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First order of business: Three drabbles up at [ profile] ff_yuri_drabble and one at [ profile] ff_xiii .

I'd be really happy if you could read them? )
Second order of business: a meme swiped from [ profile] imadra_blue.

Write down the names of 10 characters.
Write an one-sentence fic for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before writing the names.

1. Howl/Howell Jenkins (Howl’s Moving Castle, bookverse)
2. Liesel Meminger (The Book Thief)
3. Holden Caulfield (Do I even need to say it?)
4. Lightning Farron ( Final Fantasy XIII)
5. Rachel Berry ( Glee )
6. Kairi ??? ( Kingdom Hearts )
7. Allianne of Pirate’s Swoop and Olau (Tamora Pierce’s Tortall Universe)
8. Rue ??? ( The Hunger Games )
9. Rokuro Okajima ( Black Lagoon)
10. Agent Lux ( Protectors of the Plot Continuum)
(Note: As I am a member of the PPC and Lux is free for all use, I suppose this could technically be canon. But it really isn't.)

This was actually really fun. )
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Two drabbles posted today.

First, to ff_fortnightly, a true 100-word drabble.
Steel Against Lace [FFXIII, Serah & Lightning gen]

Second, to ff_yuri_drabbles, a 500-word crossover AU set at a festival loosely based on the Venetian Carnival
Champagne and Brandy [Lightning/Tifa]
I know, I know, Advent Children is not enough information to write a proper FFVII fic. It's a drabble; surely it can only be so bad. Right?

Also, on Tuesday I was introduced to Les Miz. Have you ever seen/read/heard a classic and thought "Why is that a classic?" I've had that reaction to Dickens. Now, have you ever seen/read/heard a classic and thought "Wow, I see why that's lasted so long?" The second was my reaction to Les Miz. "Do you hear the people sing, sing the songs of angry men/It's the voices of a people that will not be slaves again!" I was completely blown away - still am, in fact. What made it kind of surreal was that Marius was being played by one of my oldest friends on the planet (as in, we met when I was too little to remember.) I knew he could sing and act and all, but I had NO idea he'd gotten as good as he had. "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables..." Oh, dear Lord.
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Howl's Moving Castle: One day in the life of Sophie and Howl, somewhere between the end of the first book and the arrival of Morgan.
Why I Haven't Written It Yet: Haven't gotten around to it.

Graceling: Raffin/Bann and how they ended up together.
Why I Haven't Written It Yet: Haven't gotten around to it; also, lack of inspiration.

Tortall: Something, because I feel like I just ought to, because I love her books so much.
WIHWIY: Lack of inspiration.

Death Note: "Empty Patch of Sidewalk." AU. Ryuk never dropped the Death Note. Beyond Birthday is therefore able to escape from jail and try another insane plot, recruiting other disgruntled Wammy's kids to do it. L, Light, Mello, Matt, Near, Linda, the original taskforce, Naomi Misora, and anyone else I can cram in there all have to team up against him and his subordinate OCs. Would probably involve some side-slash too.
WIHWIY: Huge overwhelming project.

Death Note:
Another AU, wherein Light's plan with Higuchi did not go exactly as planned; a Light redemption fic, L/Light slash.
WIHWIY: Dubious about it; also, see above. Outline written, but nothing else.

Black Lagoon: Vague plans for more Revy/Rock at some point, a less mind-screwy one.
WIHWIY: Behind on the manga; lack of inspiration.

Video Games:
Final Fantasy XIII: "(Twenty) Second Try." Post-game; Lightning's 22nd birthday. Ridiculous funny fluffiness.
WIHWIY: Lack of inspiration; haven't gotten around to it; vague.

Final Fantasy XIII: Snow, Serah, and cooking. Domestic fluffiness.
WIHWIY: Actually, I have written some of it. And then never got around to writing any more.

Kingdom Hearts: Long complicated continuation fic.
Relatively lengthy Kingdom Hearts continuation fic. A former apprentice of Yen Sid starts going after Mickey and everyone he cares about. War at Radiant Garden ensues. Featuring lots of Kairi, resurrection of Sora's other selves, and darkness.
WIHWIY: They keep coming out with MORE GAMES that I can't play. Outline written, but it predated Days and BBS.

Kingdom Hearts:
"Balance." Kairi/Sora/Riku vague-continuation fluff.
WIHWIY: Well, I started. Pretty recently, actually. Haven't gotten around to doing any more of it. Also, a little bashful about the core idea.

Final Fantasy VII: Zack, Aerith, and sane!Sephiroth resurrection after Advent Children, focusing primarily around Sephiroth, Tifa and the kids.
WIHWIY: Oh let me count the ways. 1) I'm only familiar with the canon through Advent Children, the Final Fantasy Wiki, and other peoples' fanfic. This is a very good reason not to write it. 2) I feel guilty even contemplating "okay, let's bring them all back and just extract Sephiroth's crazyiness so I can write fluff involving Sephiroth dealing with normal life and being unsure how to respond to the kids." 3) HGATI.
Why I Am Even Contemplating Writing It: 1) Squee! 2) I do have a defense for the resurrection thing, at least of sorts. 3) The plotbunny won't leave me alone. 4) Pay attention, this is the reason you might not despise me after all. I have some scenes in mind involving Sephiroth, Tifa, and dealing with the issues that would obviously result from cohabitation. I have them lined up in my head and I kind of like them, not only because I think they might work, but because I like the idea of Tifa-related character work.


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