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Go to AO3 and list your top ten fics in terms of hit count (via [ profile] apiphile)

  1. ancient lying underneath [the weak as iron remix] - BBC's Sherlock. It's not tagged with any major pairings, but it's about the fan favorites, for a pretty popular fandom, and it's a fest fic that got recced around a bit, so I guess that explains it. (I'm also kind of proud of it, though I'm not sure it's justified.)
  2. The View from Up Here - X-Men: First Class. Tagged with the fandom's favorite pairing, written and posted early in the fic explosion, and got recced on Tumblr by [ profile] gyzym because it arose out of a conversation with her; she is the BNF in this fandom as far as I can tell. So that explains it. It's also ridiculous self-indulgent id-fic written on an evening when I was slightly loopy, and doesn't really deserve the attention.
  3. Five Sharp Points [The Healing Remix] - Firefly. Another fest fic, for the same fest, and I think it might have gotten recced once too? Interestingly, this has less than half the hits of the first two; I'm not sure what's up with that. It's decent in my opinion, but not super.
  4. Never Make Me Wonder - Homestuck. I am really, really surprised to see this on the list, to be honest; no fests, no BNFs, and it's one of my most recent fics, so it's had less time to attract hits. Evidently it's pretty good? It's centered on a fairly divisive character, but I think she has a lot of stans as well as the opposite.
  5. You've Seen How I Live - Inception. Ahh, both a fest fic (for an LJ-based fest, however, unlike Remix_Redux) and the fandom's darlings, but it's genderswap, and I guess there's less of an audience for femmeslash epics. Still, it's pretty darn high on the list. This fic could probably be a lot better, but I am still quite happy with it overall, not least because it was sort of a milestone for me.
  6. What Might Be Left to Say In Time Come After Death - Homestuck. I guess this fandom really does live on the AO3 to an extent. To be honest, I really like this one; it's definitely gratifying that it's gotten some attention. Interestingly, I think it's got a higher kudos count than anything but Never Make Me Wonder; evidently I write better Homestuck fic than anything else. (How much that's saying is up to the reader.)
  7. War Without End - X-Men: First Class. Also posted during the fandom's height (which may still be going on? I don't know, I found I didn't have enough enthusiasm for the source to grapple with its issues, and then got drawn into Homestuck). It's lady-centric and short; also, not my best.
  8. With Thanks to Apollo - Inception. This one is ALL LADIES, and has also been remixed twice, which probably got it quite a bit of attention. It's not a masterpiece, but I think I pretty much achieved what I was trying to achieve, and it was an interesting experiment in an outsider POV.
  9. Neurons of Murderous Dancers - Inception & Black Swan. I am really, really pretty damn proud of this fic, and Black Swan is a pretty small fandom, which drew it some positive atteention, I think, and I guess the premise interests people? It was originally posted over here, and the amount of attention on this end redefines 'flattering.'
  10. Drift - Narnia (bookverse). I... have no idea what this one is doing on the list. I thought it wasn't a very big fandom, and it's a really short fic. I guess the Susan Problem is a popular subject?
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Dialogue from the family on X-Men: First Class:

My youngest brother: All the superhero girls in that movie were evil or turned evil, though!

This was after five minutes of gushing, but the dude is ten - if he's having that thought process at that age, I'm keeping him.

Further thoughts on the movie include that it could have been a truly incredible story about oppression and intersectionality and how a lack of privilege in one area does not mean you can't be a total asshole in other areas, particularly by combining the mutant stuff with the real-world stuff and making the gay text, so you'd have the mutants and the presence or absence of visibility and also being gay or Jewish or non-white or female or any and many combinations of all of it, which sounds really dull on paper but could just HURT SO GOOD on screen. It'd be about both those moments when someone says "I understand" and you know they don't and can't, and those moments when someone tells you their story and you love them incredibly in that moment because you've felt the exact same thing and finally someone else does, and most of all about the incongruity of having both of those moments with the same person.

And I'm not sure that that sounds any more interesting because it's a hard thing to sum up, but if the movie had gone there and been that story I would be flapping my hands and shouting "MY BOOOYYYSS, MY GIIIIRLS" for about six months. As it isn't, I really want someone to write fic about that, one that leads up and builds up to a satisfactory conclusion where they all understand as much as they can and grasp that some things they can't understand and everybody builds the school all together all at once and a lot of people get married.

For those who don't feel like reading or writing an epic novel but got annoyed by Charles's smarmy arrogance and its general acceptance by everyone who wasn't a villain, have Strategy by [ profile] apiphile, which dives into those, explores it, and ends up quite terrifying.
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(The title line is a lie; I will probably do this again eventually. I'll try not to do it too much, though.)
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So, a while ago I was swearing up and down that somewhere or other I'd read a Tortall fanfic about Alanna going to the convent and becoming a temple guard, but I couldn't find it for the life of me.

BINGO. I present to you: nuns fret not at their convent's narrow walls, by ambyr.

(A part of me is tempted to hunt through my various bookmarks to make a recs post. As those bookmarks are currently scattered across three [edit: four] sites, I'm not actually going to, but someday I shall.)
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Comment with any ship (romantic or platonic or maybe even non-existent!) from a fandom that you know I have some knowledge about, and I will rant about aforementioned ship. This may be incoherent gushing or exclamations of disgust, depending on your ship of choice.

I will try to keep the disgust to a minimum.
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I just realized something about my shipping preferences: I will ship anything, but I can't seem to have a true hardcore I-wish-to-write-epics-and-manifestos-about-it OTP unless the relationship between the characters is the emotional core of the story. See also: Revy/Rock, Michael/Francis, etc.

How dreadfully unimaginative of me.

(The source of all the my-shipping-tendencies-related grumbling that has been spread across various sites lately: I'm trying to decide whether to sign up for [ profile] thelittlebang. The thing is, six months ago I would have scrolled on by under the assumption that I don't have a 15,000-word fanfic in me, but - apparently I do. Only, that was an accident, and I'm not sure I could actually do it on purpose. Especially because I have no idea what I'd write.
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1) As a variation on flat-out raging: I really want a panfandom comm that is devoted to going into stories and finding the girls who are mistreated or abandoned or fridged or underdeveloped or otherwise get the short end of the narrative stick, and picking them out, telling their stories, giving them - not necessarily a happy ending, necessarily, but giving them a voice. Making it be their story for once. The Bella Swan And Sisters Rescue Society. (The whole idea puts me in mind of a line from one of [ profile] gyzym's poems - "we unclipped girls from magazines and set them free.") Can someone make that exist?

2) This one is less grand and sweeping, but... femslash. Er... perhaps of a not completely worksafe nature. Just shameless and eager and enthusiastic and detailed and a little bit rough without a whole lot of (admitted) emotional involvement and maybe some banter or one-upmanship (one-upwomanship?) as they go. I would like to say that this is about empowering the characters sexually and all but... basically I was reading some really great boyslash and wishing for the same general thing with different people and anatomy because I have been single for a very long time and that's what I'm in the mood to read.

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Remix Madness is indeed madness; I apparently turned out a total of 6200 words between the two challenges, almost all of it written over the past few days. Mostly fandoms I haven't touched before, too, so yay new horizons!

As for things I can link too... you guys. I made out like a bandit this year. I already linked my main remix, but I also got three out of Madness, what even. They are:

To Adorn You In My Finest [The Friend is a Four-Letter Word Remix]. It redoes To Adorn You In My Finest (Merlin, Gwen/Morgana) with the girls in high school, and adds these wonderful ideas about Gwen's past failed romances and is just lovely. And also, y'know, now it's really hot.

I Regret Nothing [The Colonel Mustard in the Solarium with the Wind-Up Victrola Remix], which is a remix of With Thanks To Apollo (Inception, about Ariadne). It's one of the eerie, wonderfully disquieting pieces that's kind of a hallmark of this fandom, and it takes one of the more lighthearted details of the original story and turns it into something much darker, which makes it a perfect example of what's cool about remix fics.

Postcards from Naxos (You Don't Have to Go Home, But You Can't Stay Here), which is also a remix of With Thanks to Apollo, but very different from the above. You know how there was one it in that story about pictures on Ariadne's phone? The mystery author went through and explained the source of each and every one, and a few others, and created something that's half wonderfully happy fic about Ariadne bonding with the team (and apparently I friend-ship Arthur and Eames and Ariadne and Yusuf like burning, the more you know) and half heartbreaking story about leaving her family, and the whole thing still manages to be a wonderfully coherent whole. And it is also wonderfully clear that Ariadne is a badass who belongs in dreaming, which is fantastic to see.
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So, when I signed up for remix_redux, I had two worries. One, what if I write a horrible remix? (I did. Haven't heard from the author yet, but I am just... ugh.) Two, what if the person who remixes my story writes something awful and I have to pretend to like it?

Yeah, that turned out not to be a problem.

Anyone remember that ridiculously stupid bit of crack I wrote called Just Five of the Many Times Eames and Arthur Disagreed on Matters of Taste? Yeah, someone took that and wrote Cause You're a Criminal As Long As You're Mine [And So Am I], which is basically just a thousand words of adorable ridiculousness and this massive perfect sense of family and Arthur being a ridiculous impish troll. You know that moment in the second level when he kisses Ariadne? It's like that, only instead of perving on his co-workers he's screwing with their heads slightly via music. And I won't gush too much because I want all the little moments to stand out, but the flashbacks to his adolescents, oh I want to smish him. And the way this mystery author describes dancing has me drooling in envy.

Okay, I'm maybe a little biased, but really this is just freaking charming.

(And someone wrote me something for Remix Madness! Today, Internets, is a good day.)
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So... apparently [ profile] atomicskull deleted her journal.

She isn't someone I knew personally, but (I think?) she was kind of a BNF; she definitely had a lot of good fic for the Star Trek reboot, but what I really liked were two of her Inception fics: The Delphini Trials, which was a Philippa-centric piece about a future wherein dreamsharing was blown wide open and most of the crew got hauled in for trial. It was really beautifully, hauntingly written, between the sentences handed out and the way it forced the reader to confront the moral issues with what the characters do while still keeping us fond of them (because, you know, Philippa loved them). The other one was way happier, a Yusuf-centric backstory fic called Beni Asla Bırakma (the Turkish translation of "never let me go," as far as I am informed.) It was a really nice thing, about his family and how he got into dreamsharing and about his wife (who was not fridged!)

Anyway, I had both fics bookmarked for a while; then (I guess?) atomicskull locked down a lot of her fic, including these two; I was really sad about it, but occasionally randomly checked to see if they'd miraculously come back. A few days ago, THEY DID, and I immediately reread both fics happily and was reminded of how much I loved them. Today, I went back to reread Trials again, and, well, see the first line.

When they got unlocked, I actually thought I ought to save them, but I decided not to, for reasons I cannot now adequately recall. I am sure that they were not very good, seeing as how I have now been deprived of two of my absolute top ten Inception things.

So the purpose of this post - other than whining - was to find out if anyone else perhaps had more foresight, and could perhaps send me a copy. I'm not sure what the etiquette on this is, but I'm not going to repost it and it isn't going to end up anyplace where it could be traced to her.
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Okay. Fanfolks? Breaking news.

There is some fantastic stuff posted at Fanficton.Net.

Can we just be clear on that? I have found so much great stuff there. I do not have time to hunt down links, but ask me in the comments and I'll provide them Thursday or this weekend. Yeah, there is a lot of complete and irredeemable crap, but there is a ton of fabulous stuff as well, and - this is the important part - being posted at Fanfiction.Net does not mean it's automatically bad.

Can we acknowledge this, please?
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Howl's Moving Castle: One day in the life of Sophie and Howl, somewhere between the end of the first book and the arrival of Morgan.
Why I Haven't Written It Yet: Haven't gotten around to it.

Graceling: Raffin/Bann and how they ended up together.
Why I Haven't Written It Yet: Haven't gotten around to it; also, lack of inspiration.

Tortall: Something, because I feel like I just ought to, because I love her books so much.
WIHWIY: Lack of inspiration.

Death Note: "Empty Patch of Sidewalk." AU. Ryuk never dropped the Death Note. Beyond Birthday is therefore able to escape from jail and try another insane plot, recruiting other disgruntled Wammy's kids to do it. L, Light, Mello, Matt, Near, Linda, the original taskforce, Naomi Misora, and anyone else I can cram in there all have to team up against him and his subordinate OCs. Would probably involve some side-slash too.
WIHWIY: Huge overwhelming project.

Death Note:
Another AU, wherein Light's plan with Higuchi did not go exactly as planned; a Light redemption fic, L/Light slash.
WIHWIY: Dubious about it; also, see above. Outline written, but nothing else.

Black Lagoon: Vague plans for more Revy/Rock at some point, a less mind-screwy one.
WIHWIY: Behind on the manga; lack of inspiration.

Video Games:
Final Fantasy XIII: "(Twenty) Second Try." Post-game; Lightning's 22nd birthday. Ridiculous funny fluffiness.
WIHWIY: Lack of inspiration; haven't gotten around to it; vague.

Final Fantasy XIII: Snow, Serah, and cooking. Domestic fluffiness.
WIHWIY: Actually, I have written some of it. And then never got around to writing any more.

Kingdom Hearts: Long complicated continuation fic.
Relatively lengthy Kingdom Hearts continuation fic. A former apprentice of Yen Sid starts going after Mickey and everyone he cares about. War at Radiant Garden ensues. Featuring lots of Kairi, resurrection of Sora's other selves, and darkness.
WIHWIY: They keep coming out with MORE GAMES that I can't play. Outline written, but it predated Days and BBS.

Kingdom Hearts:
"Balance." Kairi/Sora/Riku vague-continuation fluff.
WIHWIY: Well, I started. Pretty recently, actually. Haven't gotten around to doing any more of it. Also, a little bashful about the core idea.

Final Fantasy VII: Zack, Aerith, and sane!Sephiroth resurrection after Advent Children, focusing primarily around Sephiroth, Tifa and the kids.
WIHWIY: Oh let me count the ways. 1) I'm only familiar with the canon through Advent Children, the Final Fantasy Wiki, and other peoples' fanfic. This is a very good reason not to write it. 2) I feel guilty even contemplating "okay, let's bring them all back and just extract Sephiroth's crazyiness so I can write fluff involving Sephiroth dealing with normal life and being unsure how to respond to the kids." 3) HGATI.
Why I Am Even Contemplating Writing It: 1) Squee! 2) I do have a defense for the resurrection thing, at least of sorts. 3) The plotbunny won't leave me alone. 4) Pay attention, this is the reason you might not despise me after all. I have some scenes in mind involving Sephiroth, Tifa, and dealing with the issues that would obviously result from cohabitation. I have them lined up in my head and I kind of like them, not only because I think they might work, but because I like the idea of Tifa-related character work.
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So, I'm thinking about posting  some of my fanfic (the halfway decent stuff) over here as well as the Pit of Voles. Anyone of the eight or so people occasionally glancing at this have a thought?  (If it matters, it'd be a Death Note piece I'm kind of proud of, a Sherlock Holmes (2009 film) one, and maaaaybe a Kingdom Hearts fic).


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