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Title: Brutal Temperatures [the extremes and deadly ladies remix]
Fandom: Black Lagoon
Characters/Pairings: Balalaika/Dutch
Rating/Warnings: R, sex, violence, BDSM [how the hell that happened I will never know]
Written for: Remix Madness 2011, remixing Cold to Hot by Lady_Ganesh.
Wordcount: ~500
A/N: I guess it's true that you write things during remix that you never would have written otherwise. If there are any truly glaring errors, please let me know.

The effect that Balalaika has on Dutch is unusual, to say the least. )
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Title: Divine Injustice
Fandoms: Death NoteBlack Lagoon
Characters/Pairings: Mello, Revy, Rock
Ratings/Warnings: PG-13, swearing, violence, brief references to underaged sex, implied character death.
Written for: [ profile] crossovers_las, prompt "blasphemy"
Wordcount: 685
A/N: Many thanks to [ profile] wake_the_dragon  for suggesting I try something with Death Note for this prompt. If I've already posted this, I apologize. I could've sworn I did, but I can't find it.

Written for crossovers_las on LiveJournal. Warnings for swearing (of course), implied character death, and brief mild allusions to underage sex.

Mello didn't realize smugglers would care about political theology. )
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Howl's Moving Castle: One day in the life of Sophie and Howl, somewhere between the end of the first book and the arrival of Morgan.
Why I Haven't Written It Yet: Haven't gotten around to it.

Graceling: Raffin/Bann and how they ended up together.
Why I Haven't Written It Yet: Haven't gotten around to it; also, lack of inspiration.

Tortall: Something, because I feel like I just ought to, because I love her books so much.
WIHWIY: Lack of inspiration.

Death Note: "Empty Patch of Sidewalk." AU. Ryuk never dropped the Death Note. Beyond Birthday is therefore able to escape from jail and try another insane plot, recruiting other disgruntled Wammy's kids to do it. L, Light, Mello, Matt, Near, Linda, the original taskforce, Naomi Misora, and anyone else I can cram in there all have to team up against him and his subordinate OCs. Would probably involve some side-slash too.
WIHWIY: Huge overwhelming project.

Death Note:
Another AU, wherein Light's plan with Higuchi did not go exactly as planned; a Light redemption fic, L/Light slash.
WIHWIY: Dubious about it; also, see above. Outline written, but nothing else.

Black Lagoon: Vague plans for more Revy/Rock at some point, a less mind-screwy one.
WIHWIY: Behind on the manga; lack of inspiration.

Video Games:
Final Fantasy XIII: "(Twenty) Second Try." Post-game; Lightning's 22nd birthday. Ridiculous funny fluffiness.
WIHWIY: Lack of inspiration; haven't gotten around to it; vague.

Final Fantasy XIII: Snow, Serah, and cooking. Domestic fluffiness.
WIHWIY: Actually, I have written some of it. And then never got around to writing any more.

Kingdom Hearts: Long complicated continuation fic.
Relatively lengthy Kingdom Hearts continuation fic. A former apprentice of Yen Sid starts going after Mickey and everyone he cares about. War at Radiant Garden ensues. Featuring lots of Kairi, resurrection of Sora's other selves, and darkness.
WIHWIY: They keep coming out with MORE GAMES that I can't play. Outline written, but it predated Days and BBS.

Kingdom Hearts:
"Balance." Kairi/Sora/Riku vague-continuation fluff.
WIHWIY: Well, I started. Pretty recently, actually. Haven't gotten around to doing any more of it. Also, a little bashful about the core idea.

Final Fantasy VII: Zack, Aerith, and sane!Sephiroth resurrection after Advent Children, focusing primarily around Sephiroth, Tifa and the kids.
WIHWIY: Oh let me count the ways. 1) I'm only familiar with the canon through Advent Children, the Final Fantasy Wiki, and other peoples' fanfic. This is a very good reason not to write it. 2) I feel guilty even contemplating "okay, let's bring them all back and just extract Sephiroth's crazyiness so I can write fluff involving Sephiroth dealing with normal life and being unsure how to respond to the kids." 3) HGATI.
Why I Am Even Contemplating Writing It: 1) Squee! 2) I do have a defense for the resurrection thing, at least of sorts. 3) The plotbunny won't leave me alone. 4) Pay attention, this is the reason you might not despise me after all. I have some scenes in mind involving Sephiroth, Tifa, and dealing with the issues that would obviously result from cohabitation. I have them lined up in my head and I kind of like them, not only because I think they might work, but because I like the idea of Tifa-related character work.
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Title: "Antithesis"
Fandom: Black Lagoon, duh
Characters: Revy/Rock
Warnings: Foul language & cynicism, but that comes with the territory. 
Summary: Revy, Rock, and everything they are not.
Author's notes: Very short, more messing with language than anything.
Read more... )
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I've been thinking lately.

My tastes in media tend towards action and adventure stories, rather than romance and drama, and let's face it: Most action-focused stories are aimed partly or wholly at a male audience. For me this is particularly highlighted when I'm watching anime or reading manga, since (as far as my understanding goes) those are more firmly sorted into the different demographics of shonen, seinen, shojo, and josei (teen boys, adult men, teen girls, and adult women, respectively.) Most of the shows I like fall into the former catagories; I don't watch many movies, but when I do, they're things like the new Sherlock Holmes or Star Trek XI, not chick flicks. As to video games, my current favorite is Final Fantasy XIII, and you know what they say about the Final Fantasy series: "The guys look like girls and the girls look like", well, I won't go into that, but it's complimentary in regards to their looks and uncomplimentary in regards to their modesty.

Which brings me to the point: it isn't just the video games. Most of the visual media I enjoy includes male-oriented fanservice, i.e. a certain amount of bared female flesh.


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