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Title: At Least the War is Over
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Characters/Pairings: Azula/Ty Lee, background canon pairings
Ratings/Warnings: PG, minor violence
Written for: this commentfest, prompt 'three times Ty Lee almost visits Azula and the one time she does.'
Word Count: 1100
A/N: Well, this wasn't how I intended to spend that evening. Title from "In Our Bedroom After the War," by Stars.

Sometimes we leave people because we're afraid of what they've become. Some people are hard to leave no matter what they come to be. )
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Works that should be in progress:

And the Bloody Lipmarks On Her Thighs

Fic for [ profile] yuri_challenge.
Due date: October 1
PremiseAvatar: The Last Airbender, dystopian sci-fi AU. Bending included. MindControlled!Katara x Manipulative!Plotting!GetsOffOnControllingPeople!Azula. Themes: Sex, violence, power, and the interplay between the three.
Minimum Wordcount: 1,000
Current Wordcount: 1,805 (so, technically, this is done, but I still have two really key scenes to write to complete the plot arc, otherwise it will be blatantly unfinished.)

On the Warfront (Working title)
Original fiction for [ profile] help_pakistan .
Due date: October 1
Premise: Love story between a cyborg and a technician, both in the military, struggling to keep their squadron (it's the we-can't-actually-kick-you-out-but-we-want-to dumping ground of a squad) from being actively disbanded.
Minimum Wordcount: 4,000. Overambitious much, self?
Current Wordcount: About 526; I just got the "Okay, here's something I can run with" moment today. It could be worse; when I started writing this post, it was at 62.

That's besides the YouTube MEPs (multi-editor projects, a form of fanvid) also due on October 1.

I've been really busy lately, and I'm developing a killer cold.

It will look better in the morning. It will look better in the morning.
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Just spotted this in the journal of Askerian:


Just... YES. Girl!Avatar (she's named Korra). Learning from Aang and Katara's son Tenzin! New cities cropping up! "Definite link" between the series, which hopefully means we're going to be hearing about the reign of Lord Zuko and Lady Mai and what Suki and Ty Lee have done for the Kyoshi Warriors and the life of Sokka and what Toph has been up to and THERE WILL BE MORE AVATAR STARTING NEXT YEAR.

Oh. HELL. Yes.

And the one bit of visible concept art...
... Is not showing up. Dammit, LJ.

Incidentally, have a prooflink.


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