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So! As I'm sure anyone followinsg this journal may have noticed, I've kind of been neglecting things around here since last fall. The fault of this, yes, was Tumblr. I do like Tumblr - I like the concept for a blogging site, I like the people on it, I love the friends I've made. However, the people who run the site? Have their head so far up their ass that they're staring out of their own nostrils, pardon the crudeness. Also, noooot designed for text formatting. So I've decided to try using LJ, or rather crossposting from my nice DreamWidth, so hopefully I'll have at least one account at a site that isn't terrible.

In the interim, I have...
  • written rather a lot of fanfic
  • started swearing a lot more
  • gone on antidepressants, thank Christ
  • decided where I'm going to college this fall (Oberlin; I leave a week from Monday)
  • stopped pretending to the Internet that I'm already through college
  • watched (most of) Teen Wolf (yes, I know)
  • watched (most of) Motorcity (oh please, just shush)
  • gotten frighteningly into Supernatural (believe me, I know)
  • as of just last night, watched the first season of Slings & Arrows and been struck entirely speechless
  • started making graphics
  • acquired some rather excellent shoes
  • changed my entire relationship with tags several times, which fact will require some thinking over here.
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