May. 16th, 2011

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Title: how far the story goes
Fandom: Tortall Universe
Characters/Pairings: Kel, OCs
Rating/Warnings: G, futurefic
Written for: [ profile] dropsofviolet at the drabble prompt post. (Still open, because why not.)
Wordcount: ~450
A/N: I'm going to be posting these up here properly day by day, because I am obsessed with organization. Carry on in peace.

The First Company of the King's Own stopping by your village, of all places. )
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This shows up all over the place, it has been the basis for attacking so many fictional ladies I love and plenty of whom I am not fond but am increasingly tempted to like out of spite, it has shown up in almost every fandom I've been in and plenty that I've unsuccessfully tried to avoid - I am out of subject line space, you guys, and I didn't even get through half the girls I could list off the top of my head - and this showed up on my Tumblr dash and unleashed a storm of rage that I cannot even handle.

If I see one more person criticizing a sexist (or possibly-sexist-depending-on-how-you-read-it) story by bashing the female characters rather than talking about the writers or the narrative, I am actually going to set something on fire with my mind.

This has been a post. Normal programming will resume shortly. I'm going to go breathe slowly for a while now.


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