Apr. 12th, 2011

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Poetry update! Sunday night turned into another get-out-of-bed-to-write-the-day's-poem thing. Sadly that poem, possibly due to the hour, ended up having key bits of personal information worked rather intrinsically into it, so I'm not posting it. Last night's absence of poetry posts was because my computer (specifically, in this case, my Internet connection) hates my guts. So, here is Monday's.

The Unavoidable

Here’s to the westbound plane
I hope you keep the window closed until you’re gone
and may the clouds glow glorious in brilliance
(like yours) and outshine everything behind.

Years ago, we promised love wasn’t worth our dreams
alive in fiery self-ignorance, sacrificing unmet princes
for our own greater passions, and indeed
college love, first love, is far less than everything.

I’ll watch you rise – above cameras, above the airfield –
from a distance; barriers of modern safety will prevent
the melodramatic goodbyes and pining gaze
and anyway, I’m climbing my hill steady too.

This is a necessary thing; everyone loses someone
along the way, and we were never young enough
to imagine that we would be exceptions – but
unvarnished, immature, undignified, here is the truth.

By God in his heaven and fucking hell
my love, I’m going to miss you.

And have today's!

To The Nameless

Here's to the girl in the tower,
on the rock, before the knife,
glazed and glossy in the helmet,
beatific in the salt-soaked grave.

The hero's hope,
The hero's treasure,
The hero's light,
The hero's lover.

The hero's redemption,
The hero's reward,
The hero's healing,
The hero's shelter.

The hero's guilt,
The hero's tragedy,
The hero's weakness,
The hero's failure.

The hero's...
The hero's...
The hero's...

Here's to those who never got to be their own.

[We make no apologies for the fact that 'hero' no longer looks like a word.]


Yeah, I know, not subtle. In other news!

Things I Should Be Writing:
- [livejournal.com profile] i_reversebang stuff AUGH.
- Stuff for a proper writing class (linked to my offline identity, so never going to appear here)

Things I Have Written:
- 500+ words of Brick fanfiction that is superficially about Brendan teaching Emily to play chess, and actually about Emily's horrendously low self-esteem, and also about her niggling and mostly-ignored hatred of condescension.



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