Apr. 7th, 2011

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I did not give up on the poetry! What I did do was say "Hmm, poem... no clue, I will do it later" around three times, turn off my computer, go to bed, and then realize that I hadn't actually written anything. Cue frantic middle-of-the-night shuffle for pen and paper, because I didn't want to lose so early but I was damned if I was turning my computer back on, and anyway the goal was to write a poem per day, not post one.

So, yesterday's poem! Which... is basically trying to be three different poems at once, I think, and a fourth that got tossed while writing the first draft. (And yes, I'm afraid I'm going to be posting today's poem later, although probably not for a few hours so you won't get totally spammed.)

As Long As We Can Say We Chose It
No one loves like the freaks in the night,
music turned up quiet to echo off the silence
quick, set up the lights so we can see the shadows.
Everyone's asleep. You're isolated, not alone.
Here in the fragile midnight hours we're the rulers of the world.
Everything's a secret when there's nobody to tell
so only two people know; it all becomes a secret when
we want something our own to share. That's what this is,
reshaping silence to our moods, naming loneliness
a precious gift to share; we take control of emptiness
and throw in everything that we know how to feel.
Nobody loves like us.


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