Apr. 4th, 2011

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Title: Aftermath
Fandom: The Traitor Game
Characters/Pairings: Francis, Michael
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, language, homophobia & homophobic bullying
Written for: [livejournal.com profile] book_las
Wordcount: 880
Author's notes: This is actually... not Francis/Michael. (If the level of homoeroticism is on par with the canon, I tag it as Francis/Michael.)

In some ways, it's better now. In some ways. )
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I am rapidly losing motivation for this (a poet I am not, it seems), but I threw this together anyway.

Elegy, or however you say it

They died where the waves come in,
if it helps at all to know. And does it
truly matter? no, a death’s a death
the criminals wipe each other out
and the police tape up the mess.

but some of us, we always wonder
did she die laughing (yes) and did he
go out calling the sky a fucker’s son
(of course he did, the crazy bastard)
and was she frightened at the end,
the girl I taught to hold a gun
(no, she was proud to face ‘em down
she always thought you trained her well)

to some of us, it makes a difference
that Marty died with Pablo’s ragged scarf
binding the blood, that they found Amelie
with Kim and Christy’s picture in her hand,
and that wild-tattooed Rhonda
left us with a prayer for us without her
and always swore she didn't believe in God.

yeah, the papers report them all in smudgy print
and their last little numbers line the litterbox and
catch the finger paint, but to some of us it always matters
where and when and why they died
and how it was they said goodbye

to some of us, that’s all that really matters.


(In unrelated news, wordcount for the Fic o'Doom: 13,600 and counting. Again: the plan for this was 3,000. Yeah, that panned out. Almost done though!

...of course, now I have to find someone masochistic enough to beta it by the 18th. Yikes.)


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